Now, Available for joining DionCoin ICO
  • DionCoin ICO from the 15th of Oct. to the 15 th of Nov.
  • You can join DionCoin ICO on Dionpay homepage now
MVPs are published on play store
  • Title modification to show the project more clear
  • Adding palyDion link on the business model section
  • White paper update
  • MVP1: Doinpay point system application prototype publish on play store
  • MVP2: DionHunter prototype using augmented reality as an advertisement tool publish on play store
Hompage Update Summary
  • Chainging DionCoin title
  • Adding MOU with MOVIGAME news in press section
  • Modifying technology section
  • Adding new members for token technique in team section
  • Uploading DionCoin withe paper of new vision
  • Adding MOU with Movigame in history section
  • Dioncoin has been sucessfully changed from its mainnet to EOS mainnet. By using EOS mainnet, Dioncoin will be faster and more stable than before.
  • Dioncoin is being added 30 times than the existing Dioncoin kept in your Dionpay wallet.
  • Dionpay begins the second private sale. You can check details from dionpay official SNS, which is shown in Dionpay homepage.
  • WARNING: Economic damages of customers have been reported. Some people illegally have used Dionpay image. They used photo with Dionpay team. If you see this case, please inform us.
  • Thank you for support Dionpay. Dionpay homepage is going to be renewal and updated. More details will be announced in the first week of May.
  • Personal Sales cases have been recently reported to Dionpay.
  • Dionpay does not recommend personal sales and transactions. We would like to inform you that Dionpay is not responsible for damage caused by personal transactions. Please, contact Dionpay directly for inquiries about DionCoin.
  • Dion Free does not recommend Dion Coin's personal transactions. We would like to inform you that Dion Company is not responsible for damage caused by personal transactions. Please contact Dion Pay directly for inquiries abount Dion Coin.
  • When individuals or other companies use homepage of Dionpay, whitepaper and data, we recommend taht you contact Dion Pay.