Kim Sungmin
  • Game Industry in Computer university in Japan (HAL)
  • Worked at Viccon (Inc)
  • Developed LG 3DO Alive war game “Eye of the Typhoon”
  • CEO of Cenozoic (Inc)
  • South Korea’s first strategy simulation game
  • Developed “Counterblow”, “Alien encounter”, “ZAX zone”
  • Game portal site [Joy land (] service
  • Various game services including Korean chess “Alkkagi”, hopscotch
  • Online Galaga, Puzzle bubble online, “Ut-chat-sa Mat-go”, Poker
  • Real-time online soccer game “Zero cup” service
  • Export to Japanese game company “Hudson”
  • Yeonsei-Hyundai Sega Game design school
  • Curriculum making, game special class
An Chungbum
  • Business Administration in Yonsei University
  • Samsung Entertaiment Group, Samsung Corporation Internet Marketing
  • Sports Seoul / Skycast Strategic Planning Director
  • Daejeon Culture Industry Promotion Agency Business Manager
  • Representative of Idin Lab
Baik Seounghan
  • Hawaii Pacific University (BA) - Marketing
  • University of Hawaii (院) (MBA)
  • SEOHAN USA Inc. – Washington DC office (GM)
  • Green Ocean Inc. – Overseas Marketing (GM)
  • Centrate UAE Inc. – Abu Dhabi office (GM)
  • Addicted USA Inc. - New York office (Marketing director)
Yun Sukbu
  • Business Administration in Korea University
  • The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • Daewoo Securities Co.,Ltd.
  • Woori Investment & Securities Co.,Ltd. Director
  • Global Business Part
  • Branch manager of Woori Korindo Securities
Jacob Hyeon
  • 40 paper publications (5 SCIs) in domestic and international journals and academic conferences
  • 2009 Master of Engineering at CAU
  • 2011 Electronicss letter featured article
  • 2012 Phd Completion of Engineering at CAU
  • 2015 bitcoin investment
  • 2017 Former Representative, Crypto Society
  • 2018 EOS Hackerthone contest 3rd place as a ducatur Korea technology leader
Igor Kolokoltsev
Token Design Leader
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • consulted dozens of blockchain projects
  • co-founded a top 10 crypto agency in 2017
  • Developed over 10 POCs of blockchain integration in different industries
  • Technical lead of UK based blockchain agency Smarter Contracts
Dmitry Radkovsky
Token Tech Leader
  • Worked as lead developer for over 15 years in some of the biggest European software development companies: Mail.Ru, Rambler and othe
  • 2018 Joined Ducatur cross-blockchain oracle system as development team lead. Won 6 different crypto hackathons

Our Developers

Hermie Barit
PHP Developer
  • Web Developer for the past 10 years
  • Using PHP and Laravel in Linux
  • Environment. Skills: Web Applications, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Apache, Linux, HTML5, CSS and Java Script
Hassan Shahroon
Software Engineer
  • 5 Years Experience as Software Engineer in Technologies including
  • java Script, Angular,HTML5, NodeJS, Express and Docker. Working
  • In multiple methodologies, frameworks and Processes functional requirements.
Danish Rabbani
Software Engineer
  • 5 years Experience.
  • Web Apps: HTML, CSS and JavaScript,PHP, MySQL, Word press, Xampp.
  • Desktop Apps: C#, SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio For C#.
  • Other Skill: Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Windows, Linux, MS office Suit, SQL
Anwaar ul Haq
Blockchain Developer
  • 8 Years Experience as Software Developer
  • In Various Technologies including JavaScript, Angular, React Native, Redux, NodeJS, Express, SQL, NO-SQL, Docker and Blockchain based Frameworks
Mohammed Jasem
Web Developer
  • Web Developer for the past 5 year using
  • PHP and Laravel Skills : Web Applications, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Apache, Linux, HTML5, CSS and java Script
Lee Sangwoo
  • Pohang Institute of Technology Computer Engineering
  • Hanbit Micro System Co., Ltd.
  • Thrunet Shopping Co., Ltd.
  • Neowiz Co., Ltd.
Park Sungjin
Software Architect
  • School of Computer science, Fudan University
  • Pansoft company limited (china)
  • Founder International co. ltd. (china)
  • NHN Entertainment (korea)
Kim Chulmin
Software Engineer
  • Department of Computer Science, Hongik University
  • Eastern Networks Co., Ltd.
  • Hana Financial Co., Ltd.
Kim Hyungsoo
Software Engineer
  • KAIST Department of Computer Science
  • NHN Entertainment
  • LEfrIN Entertainment Inc. (LEfrIN Ent.)
Kwak Gunwoo
Graphic Designer
  • Graduated from Tokyo Communication Arts College Game Graphics
  • Rhythm Island launch Established M2 game mobile company
  • Google Play Store hit and legend released
Kim Kyungho
Web Designer
  • Graduated from Kaywon University Animation
  • Social Marketing / Package Design / Character Design
Nguyen Ngoc Linh
.NET Developer
  • Science & Natural University
  • Physic & Computer Science
  • 2008-2012
Nguyen Duy Hung
System Engineer
  • Colleges in Electric Power University
  • Electrical system
  • 2011-2015
Huynh Cong Chieu
Network Engineer
  • Sai Gon University
  • IT
  • 2009-2014
Nguyen Chi Cong
Security System
  • CTIM College University
  • IT
  • 2002-2005
Nguyễn Hải Phúc
  • Văn Hiến University
  • IT
  • 2008-2012

Trusted Advisors

Lee Hyojung
  • 2013 SBS acting award winner
  • Chairman of the Korea Broadcasting Actors Association
  • The first chairman of the Korean Federation of Popular Culture and Artists
  • Chairman of the 100 Society for Good Society
  • Chairman of the National Council for the Promotion of Cultural Industry
Kumon Hajime
  • CEO of MBS Institute lnc.
  • Creative Consultant of DTP and 3D-CG
  • Director Designer of Apple Presentation Center
  • 3D-CG based animation making, web site DB system development.
  • The Faculty of Industrial Sociology in Ritsumeikan University
Yamamoto Shunichi
  • General Manager of media part in Hoona Yukio group
  • M&A and Business Consultant Administration support of public-service corporations and social welfare corporations.
  • Served as ツインバード工業(東証2部)
  • The Faculty of Foreign language in Tokyo University
Tuyuki Chihiro
  • Founder of ECOSS Inc.
  • Developed Japan’s first Internet based credit card payment system
  • Global companies (Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Oracle etc) are major shareholders and the company grows as it has the best market share in Japan with its EC package
Watanabe Shinichiro
  • Founder of Entering-School-Academy when in the university.
  • CEO of Fashion company, Forest
  • CEO of Kimono company, Ray Collection
  • Politics and Economics of Waseda University
Takahashi Tuguo
  • CEO of Digital Adventure Inc. (listed on Nasdaq Japan.)
  • Executive Director of MTI(
  • University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering
Abe koichi
  • Representative of Abe Koichi tax accountant office
  • Worked for British and French stock companies such as BNP Paris
  • Barclay Capital, and worked at banks for taxation and financial affairs
  • Tax Accountant
  • Member of tax accountant of Japan’s stock analyst association
  • The Faculty of Law in Hitocheu Bashi University
  • Master’s degree of law in Waseda Graduate School
Fujii Kazuhiro
  • Executive Officer of Treasure of Music Inc.
  • General Producer of “Charity concert of Celebration of 50th anniversary of UNESCO member”
  • Promoted Korean famous artist “Ryu Si-Won”
  • As the CEO of entertainment management company, developed Japanese famous actors
  • The Faculty of Literature in Jyoochi University
Kamino Koji
  • Global Stock and Fund Manager in London
  • Investment Advisor(SMA) at Daiwa Securities Group Inc.
  • General Manager of Management and Consulting team, focusing on educational foundation and management.
  • The Faculty of Law of Hitocheu Bashi University
John Lee
  • Onedays private equity, vice president
  • Digital SpotsToday, CEO
  • Sidus, Game business dipartment director
  • D&B international, Movie business diapartment junior director
  • Astin Entertainment Officer
  • Hyundai-Sega