Applications & technology


  • The program which give Dioncoin to the customers who buy
  • Giving DionCoin to the same value with the current points(cash back, mileage)
  • With using Dion wallet, managing the coins easily in mobiles
  • The program which give DionCoin to the customers for online AD compensation
  • Giving DionCoin for the various online AD(banner, video, event etc) consumption
  • With franchises, making cooperation and cross advertising
  • Giving DionCoin for attending online game or winning
  • Giving DionCoin for winning for online game league or tournament
  • For easy attending, developing and providing API system that can be used easily in online game developers


  • Purchasing online contents(app, music, game, etc) at the real time price of DionCoin
  • Strategic guiding service for developers with the lowest online contents trade fee (Google & Apple trade fee :30% => DionCoin: ±8%)
  • For easy attending, developing and providing API system that can be used easily for service developers
  • The program that supports immediate offline payment by connecting DionCoin with POS company
  • Planning real time payment by Dion wallet with QR code or bar code scanning
  • Supporting PF(Project Financing) investing program for movie, game, music with using unmodified program of blockchain (expanding business scope)
  • Investors(funding participants ) can expect mental satisfaction & economic profits (Revitalization DionCoin biz & good image making)
  • Planning self- service

DionCoin Technology Overview

Blockchain Based
Real time Updates
Smart Contract

DionCoin Security
DionCoin is running dPOW method which is a connection POS and POW. dPOW by DionCoin is reusing hash. In other words, DionCoin makes it possible that beat coin and blockchain at the same time through dPOW method. It makes DionCoin have double security effect. So, for attacking DionCoin, DionCoin blockchain should be changed. However, it is almost impossible so it is very safe for hacking or security matters. Thus, there is a high security guarantee for using beat coin hash. Also, DionCoin can play a role for connecting with the other blockchains through platform and the users can enjoy lower trade fees.

DionCoin CryptoConditions
DionCoin CryptoConditions are using Interledger Protocol that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is using. This is a message that allows customers to easily share their order processing with other ledgers, providing irrefutable evidence that a transfer has occurred in one ledger. This can result in conditional funding or conditional transfer. This means that the director performs the transfer automatically when the specified conditions are met. Here, our encryption conditions (Crypto Conditions) implement a mechanism to develop smart contracts on Bitcoin protocol-based block chains.

DionCoin based on EOS blockchain
In order to use DionCoin as mileage and game points, transaction fee cannot be allowed since the amount of mileage is usually very small that it is even smaller than transaction fee in the existing blockchain such as bitcoin and Ethereum. Since mileage is used for buying products or services in the existing mileage systems, faster TPS can make many advantageous for payment systems. EOS blockchain provides not only the faster TPS but also free fee for transaction. Therefore, EOS main net is very attractive to DionCoin. DionCoin is have been developed on EOS main net in order to provide blockchain services with free transaction fee while keeping the faster TPS.

About DionWallet

Dion Wallet is an electronic wallet that can store, manage and transfer DionCoin.
  • Turn points into DionCoin easily and conveniently through Dion Wallet
  • Realization of coexistence with other cryptocurrency by registering global AGAMA wallet
  • Extreme security enhancements such as malicious attacks on the outside, information seizing on the network
  • Provides native wallets with various platform drives and QR code recognition
Mobile wallet
Web wallet